We introduce BIO-BASED foil

Proudly we announce the introduction of our new bio-based foil. Made of the remains of sugarcane and recycled foil. 


Everyone knows about the plastic soup in the ocean. The global need arises to innovate all industries that work with plastic packaging, in order to decrease the use of polyethylene (PE). Seal & Go is the first company that operates its baggage protection concept using an innovative bio-based foil. 

Within the past couple of years Seal & Go investigated and developed a green alternative for its foil. After extensive research and testing the new bio-based foil solution, we are now ready for introduction.

What makes the new bio-based foil sustainable?

  1. Conventional polyethylene, used for regular foil, is made of oil. Due to growth of the worldwide population, fossil resources (like oil) will eventually run out. 
  2. The burning of oil for the production of PE releases lots of CO2 in the atmosphere. Seal & Go bio-based foil is made using >51% residual flows of sugarcane. The production process of bio-based polyethylene decreases the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. 
  3. It can be called circular due to the fact that waste – the remains of sugarcane – will be used for an entirely new useful product. 
  4. It only takes one year to grow sugarcane and there are unlimited resources. Sugarcane used for bio-based polyethylene production is grown respecting the rainforests. The cultivation takes place on already arable land and no expansion to the Amazon rainforests or the Pantanal will take place.
  5. Besides the remains of sugarcane, Seal & Go bio-based foil is made of recycled polyethylene.

This new bio-based foil offers the same high quality baggage protection as the old Seal & Go foil. You will not notice any quality difference.

Why not biodegradable?

Biodegradable foil is different from bio-based foil. Biodegradable foil can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution. Although that sounds even better, it is important to keep in mind that degradation efficiency depends on specific environmental conditions. Besides, most of the so-called biodegradable plastics are actually not biodegradable but oxo-degradable. 

A real 100% biodegradable foil usable for baggage protection does, unfortunately, not – yet – exist. 

Oxo-degradable, even more harmful

Oxo-degradable plastics initially disintegrate and enter the environment as tiny plastic fragments, which are at the root of the micro-plastics problem the world is currently facing. So, actually it is not fully degradable and therefore even more harmful to the environment.

100% recyclable

Besides bio-based, our foil is also 100% recyclable. We ask you to please throw away your used foil in a designated plastic waste bin, so it can be used for recycling.