Major exposure for your company

Every day, many pieces of baggage get sealed and carried around different airports all around the world. The shrink foil that we use for our sealings is printable. Imagine the exposure for your company advertisement if it would be printed on our sealing foil?

Choose your opportunity
Seal & Go offers the opportunity to expose your company advertisement at all international Seal & Go locations at different airports in different continents or at just one specific Seal & Go location. You will also be able to choose your own design.

Numbers and figures
Seal & Go is able to print one advertisement per 2,000 kilograms of foil. This kilogram amount is the minimum manufacturing order quantity for companies to print their logo on the shrink foil. The Seal & Go operational staff is able to execute 26,666 unique sealings with 2,000 kilogram of shrink foil. This means 26,666 suitcases (or other baggage items) can be printed and exposed with your company advertisement on it.

Not only at the airport
The customer will remove the sealing foil at the final destination. Meaning your advertisement will be exposed at different stages:

  • Advertisement airportAirport of departure
  • Conveyor belt
  • Airport of arrival
  • Hotels
  • City centres

Please contact us to discuss all possibilities.