Why Seal & Go?

5 sealings per minute

You don't have to wait long

Doesn’t untangle

Your luggage is protected against damage and theft

Luggage stays identifiable

The foil is transparent so your luggage stays recognizable

Protects the whole piece of luggage
Free tracing code

Every sealing gets a Seal & Trace sticker

Tamper proof

No tampering without breaking the seal

Easy removable

Remove with a single firm tear

Recognizable branded foil

Makes the sealing more secure

All kinds of luggage

From golf bag to boxes

High service level

Time for customer attention

Did you know?

In 2016, 21.6 million bags were either lost, damaged or mishandled worldwide

That's an average of 59 000 items per day

A zipper is easy to open, even when you use a lock

With a pen it can be opened and closed again, so you won't notice

1% of baggage is more than 60 days lost

And usually stays lost

How it works…

The luggage goes into the machine, where the shrinking foil is wrapped automatically around it. The machine seals the ends of the foil together. The foil is heated by the machine to a minimum extent. Due to the heat, the foil shrinks tightly around the luggage. This results in a sealed piece of luggage. To retain the functionality of the luggage, the Seal & Go staff wil remove the foil at handles and wheels quick and easy. Follow the process by watching our video presentation.