Benefits for airports

High speed sealing

No queuing near the Seal & Go airport desk. Our machines work fully automatic, so our operational staff has got some extra time for customers. Our machines also work very fast, 1 sealing takes only 1 minute.

Protection of airport luggage systems

Tests at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Doha International Airport showed that using sealed luggage is helpful in protecting the baggage transportation systems from damages. Sealed luggage never caused any problems to baggage transportation systems at the airport. Stretch foil used for wrapping has loose ends and may even unwrap which can cause problems in the baggage system.

50% less foil than old-fashioned wrapping

Sealing only needs one layer of shrink foil (approximately 2 meters). Wrapping needs multiple layers of stretch foil (about 20 meters). Less foil means less trash, less transport weight and less raw production materials.

Advertising possibilities (worldwide exposure)

We provide a unique advertising possibility: the airport company logo on our sealing foil. Every day hundreds (or even thousands) of pieces of luggage will be sealed with your logo on it, carried around the entire airport of destination and presented on luggage belts.

Remote counting & control systems

Sealing machines have several counting and control mechanisms (including CCTV), so every sealing is counted and has to be accounted for. This means not only our foil is transparent!

State-of-the-art design

Our modern-looking machines and innovative technique contributes to the airport appearance.