More than 100 lost baggage items found using Seal & Trace

Seal & Go offers an innovative method to prevent baggage getting lost. Since its introduction, Seal & Trace has been a very appreciated service by our customers. We already reunited more than 100 pieces of lost baggage to its owners. 100 pieces does not sound that much, does it? But in fact it is, because most of the sealed baggage does not get lost at all.

Not all our customers register their baggage on the Seal & Trace platform before their flight. If baggage gets lost during the flight, customers will still be able to register their baggage using the unique Trace Code and Key Code.


Common reasons for baggage to get lost:

Baggage ticket errors
The printed luggage tag is printed badly or crooked, or it gets stuck and torn off after tagging. It also occurs that the attendant accidentally fills out the wrong airport code and your baggage gets loaded onto the wrong airplane.

Baggage switches
The baggage transport employee accidentally places your baggage on the wrong luggage cart. Or another passenger picks your baggage from the luggage belt, due to the fact that is looks similar to his own.

Security checks
Your baggage is to heavy or it is checked by security and misses its flight.

Delayed flight
The flight is delayed and the baggage handling is to slow for being transferred in time.


How to avoid your baggage getting lost:

  • Put your ID on your bag(s). As stated, the printed baggage ticket can be printed badly or get stuck and torn off, that is why we always recommend you to also attach your own luggage tag with your name and contact details on it.
  • Avoid short connection times. Most of the baggage gets lost during transfer. That is why you should avoid connecting flights with a short connection time.
  • Do not pack prohibited or restricted items. This will delay the transport of your baggage, and it may miss its flight.
  • Secure loose straps and other elements, as this increases the chance of falling off the conveyor belts.
  • Stand out in the crowd. There are so many other black suitcases on the conveyor belt. Make sure your suitcase stands out in the crowd so another passenger does not confuse your suitcase with its own.
  • And last, but not least: seal your bag with Seal & Go! By adding a sealing, your bag will be neatly packed as one piece. All loose items – such as buckles and loose parts – will be kept together. Meaning your baggage will not likely get stuck during transportation. If you seal your baggage with Seal & Go, the employee will weigh your baggage and tell you when it turns out to be too heavy. Seal & Go uses a transparent layer of foil, so you will still be able to recognize your own bag. And you will get a free Seal & Trace for tracing your baggage if it does get lost.


What to do if your baggage gets lost?