Protect your bag

Our innovative Seal & Go sealing technology is both unique and world-leading.
Seal & Go offers a high-end travel security service for passengers.

Protect your luggage against:

  • Smuggling
  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Bursting open
  • Getting lost

All benefits

How does it work?

The luggage goes into the machine, where the shrinking foil is wrapped automatically around it. The machine seals the ends of the foil together. The foil is heated by the machine to a minimum extent. Due to the heat, the foil shrinks tightly around your luggage. This results in a sealed piece of luggage. To retain functionality of the luggage, the Seal & Go staff will remove the foil at handles and wheels quick and easy.

  • Takes just one minute;
  • Processes up to 5 pieces per minute/no long queues;
  • Avoid long queues.

Helpful & trained staff

Our machines work full-automatic. So we have lots of time for you.

  • High service level;
  • High customer satisfaction.

All kind of luggage items

Seal & Go can seal all kind of luggage items. Besides small and large suitcases it is also possible to seal odd shaped items such as golf bags, backpacks, boxes, and all kind of bags. We are even capable of sealing wheelchairs.

  • Adapts to the size and shape;
  • Using not much foil.


Seal & Go uses shrinking foil, causing a low environmental footprint. The foil is tested in compliance with directive 91/155/EEC and is not toxicologically, ecologically and/or environmentally harmful.

Bubble foil sealing

Seal & Go also provides a double sealing service, meaning your luggage will be sealed with a second layer of shrink foil. For fragile luggage we recommend our bubble foil sealing.
By adding a layer of bubble foil within the sealing, your luggage will be optimally protected.