Extra protection for your luggage
Did you know that last year 25 million bags were either lost, damaged or mishandled worldwide? Every year, millions of euros worth of luggage gets lost. And innocent people get arrested worldwide on suspicion of drug smuggling.

Where to find us
Seal & Go protects your luggage with only 2 meters of unique and ultra-thin foil. It doesn’t cost much money or time. It takes only 1 minute. No reservation needed. With Seal & Go your luggage is clearly protected and closed. You can easily find us in the departure hall at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. But also in Namibia, Qatar, Russia, Oman, Suriname and Curacao.

Not at your airport?
Seal & Go is still expanding. You can’t find us at your airport yet? We still strongly advise you to extra protect your luggage. Search for a wrapper or use an extra safety cover. Who knows, maybe you will find us next year at your airport!

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