Shrink sealing

The unique and innovative Seal & Go shrink sealing technology delivers outstanding results when it comes to baggage protection. The state-of-the-art design and progressive machine technology meets the highest international airport safety standards and helps to improve different processes in the aviation industry.

Tests at Doha International Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol showed that sealed baggage never causes any problems with baggage transportation systems. It even helps improve the efficiency of baggage transportation systems. The risk of untangled foil with sealing and errors during transportation is 0%.

How does it work?
The seal process works fully automatic. The conveyor belt transports the piece of baggage through the entire seal process. To retain functionality of the baggage the operational staff removes the foil at handles and wheels after sealing.

High customer satisfaction
Due to the automatic process, the operational staff has enough interaction time with customers. This results in more communication, higher customer satisfaction and more time to inform customers about Seal & Go products.

All kinds of baggage items
Seal & Go can protect all kinds of baggage items:

  • Small and large suitcases
  • Golf bags
  • Backpacks
  • Boxes
  • All kinds of bags
  • Child strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • And many more.

The machinery is able to seal almost any kind of baggage to a maximum of:
2000 mm x 900 mm x 500 mm.

Bio-Based foil

Both, shrink and stretch foil are officially certified as bio-based. Our foil is made of the remains of sugar cane and recycled plastic.

Regular foil is made of oil. Instead of oil Seal & Go uses the remains of sugarcane. The burning process of oil for the production of PE releases lots of CO2 in the atmosphere. Seal & Go bio-based foil is made using >51% residual flows of sugarcane. The production process of bio-based polyethylene decreases the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.

Why not biodegradable?

Biodegradable foil is different from bio-based foil. Biodegradable foil can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution. Although that sounds even better, it is important to keep in mind that degradation efficiency depends on specific environmental conditions. Besides, most of the so-called biodegradable plastics are actually not biodegradable but oxo-degradable. A real 100% biodegradable foil usable for baggage protection does, unfortunately, not – yet – exist. 

Oxo-degradable plastics initially disintegrate and enter the environment as tiny plastic fragments, which are at the root of the micro-plastics problem the world is currently facing. So, actually it is not fully degradable and therefore even more harmful to the environment.

Baggage wrapping

Seal & Go also offers protection through baggage wrapping. By using the world-famous wrapping technique, baggage will be protected with stretch foil. The wrapping process is handled with ultimate care by our highly experienced staff, using high quality stretch foil.

Stretch wrap foil
For baggage wrapping Seal & Go uses high-quality customized power stretch foil.
Power stretch foil is an advanced type of stretch foil, providing more ‘stretch %’ without loss of quality. Meaning less foil consumption compared to regular stretch foil. Seal & Go only uses transparent light orange foil to make sure the baggage item will stay recognizable to its owner.


All international airports constantly review on how to improve on safety. For passengers safety is, of course, also an important issue. Unfortunately nowadays passengers do not always feel as safe as they should or could. We believe that our services can make a difference.