Why Seal & Go?

Extremely fast

A Seal & Go seal machine can process up to 5 pieces of baggage per minute. Customers will experience no queues.

Recycled foil

SEAL & GO uses 80-100% recycled foil for its baggage sealing service.

Ultimate protection

Seal & Go offers different levels of protection.


A shrink sealing consists of one layer of shrink foil.
This weighs around 75 grams.

Does not untangle

Shrink sealing has no loose ends and does not untangle, causing no problems with baggage transportation systems.

Transparent foil

The baggage item remains identifiable.

Free trace code

Every sealing gets a free Seal & Trace sticker.
Allowing the baggage to be traceable.


No tampering without breaking the seal.

Advertising possibilities

Shrink foil is printable. Advertising on Seal & Go foil means worldwide exposure.

Remote monitoring (CCTV)

By using cameras, it is possible to monitor the machines, baggage, and staff.

Cash register control system

Prevents fraud by operational staff.

High service level

Fast service makes it possible for passengers to quickly continue their check-in. Enough time for customer care.

How it works…

The baggage goes into the machine, where the shrink foil is wrapped around it automatically. The machine seals the ends of the foil together and heats it slightly.
Due to this heat, the foil shrinks tightly around the baggage, which results in a sealed piece of baggage. To ensure the baggage can be used again, the Seal & Go staff will quickly remove the foil from handles and wheels.


All international airports constantly review on how to improve on safety. For passengers safety is, of course, also an important issue. Unfortunately nowadays passengers do not always feel as safe as they should or could. We believe that our services can make a difference.