Benefits for passengers

Safety and peace of mind

With Seal & Go passengers don’t have to worry about their baggage anymore. Our special Seal & Go sealing protects baggage with only one layer of foil. If the seal is broken when they arrive at the their destination, they will know someone messed with their baggage.

Recognizable baggage

The foil is transparent so the baggage remains easy to recognize.

Seal & Trace code with every sealing

Seal & Go offers a complementary service: a free Seal & Trace code comes with every sealing. With this code our customers are able to register their baggage and trace it in case it is lost.

Baggage weighing

Customers can ask us to weigh their baggage for free.

Fast service

Due to the fact that Seal & Go machines work automatically, we are able to work fast and help quickly. Customers will never have to queue near the Seal & Go desk.

Complete range of travel products

We sell alle kinds of baggage items at the Seal & Go airport desk.


All international airports constantly review on how to improve on safety. For passengers safety is, of course, also an important issue. Unfortunately nowadays passengers do not always feel as safe as they should or could. We believe that our services can make a difference.