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What makes Seal & Go foil bio-based?





Oil vs. Sugarcane

Regular foil is made of oil. Instead of oil Seal & Go uses the remains of sugarcane. The burning process of oil for the production of PE releases lots of CO2 in the atmosphere. Seal & Go bio-based foil is made using >51% residual flows of sugarcane. The production process of bio-based polyethylene decreases the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere.



Waste (the remains of sugarcane and plastic waste) will be used for an entirely new useful product: baggage protection foil.


Our foil is officially certified as OK Bio-based.

Durable production process

The impact on the environment is also taken into account during the production and transportation process of the foil. Only new energy-efficient production machines are used and a minimum amount of waste is produced. The produced waste is recycled in the production process of new foil. After separation from paper, cardboard, steel and wood, the plastic waste is sorted by type of plastic and delivered to separate certified recycling stations.


Our foil is 100% recyclable. We ask our customers to throw it away in a designated plastic waste bin, so it can be used for recycling.

More info? Please contact us.

More information about this concept?

On this website we hope to inform you as well as possible. Would you like more information about the Seal & Go concept? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to operate as a licensed business partner?

Yes, it is possible to operate as a licensed business partner. Our licensed business partners have the benefit of our newest innovations and updates. Contact us to talk about the opportunities.

How do I become a business partner?

It is possible to operate as a licensed business partner. Other ways to cooperate are negotiable. We can discuss all possibilities. Let’s talk!

How do I get Seal & Go on my airport?

Seal & Go is still expanding and always looking for business opportunities. Please contact us to talk about what we can do for you.

Where is Seal & Go located?

We are located in The Netherlands, Malaysia, Cambodia, Namibia, Suriname, Oman and Brunei.
In the Netherlands at Schiphol Airport: at departures 3 and in the corridor area between departures 2 and 3.

Can baggage get damaged in the machine?

No, the machine will not damage any baggage. The temperature the baggage will only increase by half a degree Celsius.

How long does the sealing of baggage take?

Sealing of baggage takes less than one minute. No reservation necessary.