How it works

1. Choose your level of protection

Go for Basic, Excellent or Ultimate protection.

2. Your baggage will be placed in the machine

It will be enfolded in Seal & Go shrink foil.

3. Shrink it

The foil is air-heated slightly and shrinks tightly around your baggage.

4. The operator removes the foil from handles and wheels

You will be able to use your baggage as normal.

5. It’s traceable

Every sealing comes with a free Seal & Trace sticker which enables you to trace your baggage.

6. Ready to go

Your baggage is now protected against viruses, bursting open, smuggling drugs, theft, damage and getting lost.

7. O no! The sealing is broken!

If your sealing is broken when you arrive at your destination, you will know that someone messed with your baggage. If so, do not touch your baggage.

8. What to do?

Leave your baggage on the conveyer belt. Report yourself to customs to tell that your sealing is broken and that you are not responsible for whatever they might find.

Did you know?

Last year, 24.8 million bags got lost, damaged or mishandled worldwide

That's an average of 67 945 items per day

A zipper is easy to open, even when you use a lock

With a pen it can be opened and closed again, so you won't notice

1% of the lost baggage is lost for over 60 days

And usually remains lost

40 bags get mishandled worldwide per minute

That is why you should always extra protect your baggage

Our foil is 100% recyclable

Please throw your used foil in a designated "plastic" waste bin