How it works


1. Choose your level of protection

Go for Basic, Excellent or Ultimate protection.

2. Free baggage weighing

We weigh your baggage for free before we seal it. If your baggage exceeds the weight limits of the airline, you will be able to repack your suitcase or bag.

3. Your baggage will be placed in the machine

It will be enfolded in Seal & Go shrink foil.

4. Shrink it

The foil is air-heated slightly and shrinks tightly around your baggage. Your baggage will not heat up.

5. The operator removes the foil from handles and wheels

You will be able to use your baggage as normal.

6. It’s traceable

Every sealing comes with a free Seal & Trace sticker which enables you to trace your baggage.

7. Ready to go

Your baggage is now protected against bursting open, smuggling drugs, theft, damage, any virus and getting lost.

8. Security checks

If security needs to open your baggage for any reason, they will inform you about this.

9. If the sealing is broken

If your sealing is broken when you arrive at your destination and the security did not inform you, you will know that someone messed with your baggage. Leave your baggage on the conveyer belt. Do not touch it. Report yourself to Customs to tell that your sealing is broken and that you are not responsible for whatever they might find.

10. How to identify your baggage

Seal & Go foil is transparent, so you will still recognize your own suitcase or bag.

11. Removing the foil

We recommend you to use a pair of scissors and carefully remove the foil.

12. Please recycle

Our foil is 100% recyclable. Please throw it away in a designated bin for plastic waste.

Did you know?

Last year, about 26 million pieces of baggage got lost, damaged or mishandled worldwide

That's an average of 71,233 items per day

The number of mishandled bags almost doubled from 2021 to 2022

According to SITA’s 2023 Baggage IT Insights report

A zipper is easy to open, even with a lock?

With a pen it can be opened and closed again, so you won't notice

The likelihood of mishandled bags is 8 times higher on international flights

Transfer bags have accounted for the majority of mishandled bags

We use recycled foil

Seal & Go shrink foil (used for baggage sealing) contains 80-100% post-consumer regenerate (PCR)