Seal & Trace

Seal & Trace

Using Seal & Trace, you are able to register your baggage with contact details.
This can be done before traveling or even after your baggage has gone missing.
Once registered online, your baggage will be traceable.

  • Works on every internet-connected device;
  • Personal data is stored encrypted;
  • Multiple codes with just one account;
  • Usable until the seal has been removed;
  • Easy to report;
  • Works with every QR reader;
  • Free email notification when the baggage is found.

Seal & Go employees attach a sticker after sealing/wrapping your baggage.
You will receive a separate Key Code and Trace Code to register the baggage online.

To the Seal & Trace website

Keeps your personal data safe

  • Using Seal & Trace, your personal data will be kept safe;
  • No one will be able to see your personal data.

Register your baggage

The small sticker is handed over to you personally by our staff. With the Key Code combined with the Trace Code, you will be able to register your baggage online.

  • Proof of ownership;
  • Personal data is kept secure;
  • QR code makes registration easy.

Seal & Trace sticker

The Seal & Trace sticker on your baggage instructs the finder to scan the QR Code with a Smartphone or connect to the Seal & Trace website and follow the online instructions.

The website will send an automatic alert to your email address, informing you that your baggage is found. With the information provided, you will be able to contact the finder.

  • Easy to report;
  • Works with all third party QR readers;
  • Automatic email notification.