Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Fragile Stickers?

Seal & Go Fragile Sticker

Yes, Fragile Stickers for your suitcase, box or bag are available at the Seal & Go airport desk. If you let your baggage get sealed or wrapped, the sticker will perfectly stick onto your baggage.

Usually, the fragile tagged baggage arrives on the luggage belt first.

Fragile sticker bagage

Seal & Go Fragile Sticker

How do I take my skis on the plane?

Are you going on winter sports by plane? And do you want to take your skis, cross-country skis, mini-skis or snowboard with you on the plane? Then, first stop by at Seal & Go before you check-in. We seal your skis with an extra layer of bubble wrap. Every sealing gets a free Seal & Trace sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder in case your skis do not arrive at their destination.


What is the best way to take my guitar on the plane?

Your guitar is very dear to you and you don’t want your instrument get damaged during your flight. We are happy to help you protect your guitar, so that you can take it with you on the plane with peace of mind. Would you like to check in your guitar? Always make sure that you transport your instrument in a guitar box. We can seal the guitar box with an extra layer of bubble wrap. This means that your instrument is optimally protected against damage, bursting open, theft and bad weather conditions. Every sealing gets a free Seal & Trace sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder in case your guitar does not arrive at its destination.


How do I transport a child stroller on the plane?

Would you like to take a child stroller, pram, buggy, maxi cosi or carrycot with you on the plane? Seal & Go sells special child stroller covers. Don’t worry that the stroller is too big for the cover. Our stroller covers are even big enough to fit a twin stroller! You can also choose to have your pram, buggy, maxi cosi, carrycot sealed with an extra layer of bubble wrap. Then your baggage is even better protected against damage, drug smuggling, bad weather conditions, germs and bacteria. Every sealing gets a free Seal & Trace sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder in case your child stroller does not arrive at its destination.


How do I take my surfboard on the plane? 

Would you like to take your surfboard, wakeboard or bodyboard with you on the plane? Your surfboard fits perfectly in our sealing machine. By sealing the surfboard with an extra layer of bubble wrap, you benefit from optimal protection. The Seal & Go sealing is properly closed. Your surfboard is well protected against damage and drug smuggling. Every sealed surfboard gets a free Seal & Trace sticker. This allows you to easily get in touch with the finder if the surfboard does not arrive at its destination.

How do I transport my golf bag when I travel by plane?

Do you go for a golf weekend trip and do you want to take your golf bag with you? That will be no problem. Take your golf bag to Seal & Go and ask for a bubble foil sealing. The Seal & Go sealing is perfectly closed and protected from bursting open, damage, theft and smuggling. Every sealed golf bag goes with a free Seal & Trace sticker. With this sticker you will be able to easily contact the finder of your baggage in case it does not arrive at its destination.


Is the new recycled foil just as strong as the old sealing foil?

Yes, it is just as strong. You will not notice any quality difference.

Read more about our recycled foil >>

Does sealing protect me from COVID-19?

Why should I extra protect my baggage?

Just one thin layer of foil? That probably won’t offer much protection, does it? The opposite is true. There are several important reasons to let your baggage get sealed or wrapped.

Protection against bursting open

By applying a sealing, baggage without a lock (or baggage with a dysfunctional lock), will be hold together. Especially if you travel with a backpack, it is important to let the backpack get sealed to protect it against bursting open.

Protection from any virus

By sealing or wrapping your baggage, viruses do not stick directly on to your baggage and cracks and slits will be securely closed. Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your baggage. Read more about protection from bacteria and viruses.

The baggage will less likely get damaged

The transparent layer of foil will protect your baggage from scratches and dents, which may occur during traveling. It is also possible to get an extra layer of bubble foil underneath the shrink foil, so the suitcase or bag (or other piece of baggage) will be even better protected from damage. Loose parts, like belts or handles, can get stuck during transport. With a sealing, the baggage will become one piece without any loose ends.

Protection from smuggling drugs

Did you know a suitcase zipper is easy to open and close again? Simply by using a pen. Even if the suitcase is locked. There are many tricks for opening a locked suitcase. All tricks are easy to watch on Especially persons with bad intentions perfectly know how to open and close a suitcase without you noticing. With a sealing you will be better protected. When the sealing has been opened, this will be clearly visible. If the baggage was opened by customs, it will carry a special customs sticker. If not, go to customs to report someone messed with your baggage and you won’t be responsible for what one may find inside.

Less chance of theft

Like mentioned, there are many tricks for opening your baggage. But in a busy airport environment, a thief has to operate quickly. Baggage foreseen by a layer of foil is more difficult to open, other (easier to open) baggage will be a less complicated target. Of course, sealing baggage is no guarantee for preventing theft, but your baggage will be a less attractive target.

The baggage will be traceable

Every sealed piece of baggage comes with a free Seal & Trace sticker. With this sticker you will be able to register your baggage using an online portal. After registration, your baggage will be traceable. So, the thin layer of foil offers more protection than you think!

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How much does a baggage sealing weigh?

A baggage sealing adds about 75-200 grams to your baggage.

What to do when my baggage is lost?

When your plane is landed, please go straight to the Baggage Reclaim Area after leaving the airplane. Many airlines know which baggage is offloaded and which baggage is not. If your suitcase gets lost or stolen after it is loaded on to the baggage claim area, your claim is no longer with the airline, but with the police.

What to do when my baggage is lost?

If your baggage does not appear on the baggage conveyor belt, here is what to do:

Go to the Baggage Claim Office

The airline will not take any steps to deliver your baggage, unless you formally filed a claim. That is why you should always go to the airports Baggage Claim Office (or Lost & Found Desk) to officially report your baggage as lost. This is called a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Ask for a reference number of your claim, the name of the person who helps you and get a follow-up phone number. Describe the baggage with lots of details: colors, type, brand, damages, stickers, et cetera.

Contact your airline immediately

Make sure you contact the airline immediately. Preferably when you are still at the airport. Go to the airline airport desk. The airline will be able to inform you whether your baggage is registered as delayed. If your baggage was sent to the wrong airport, it can take quite some time before your baggage will arrive at the right destination.

Most of the time, the airline will bring your baggage to your accommodation after arrival at the right airport destination, so you do not need to go back to the airport again. Many airlines will reimburse unexpected expanses caused by the loss or delay. So we advise you to keep your receipts. If the baggage is worth more than the airline reimbursement limit, you can purchase excess valuation protection from your airline. This may also be covered by your travel insurance or credit card company.

Log on to Seal & Trace

Did you wrap/seal your baggage at Seal & Go? Please register your baggage online using the Trace Code and Key Code on the Seal & Trace sticker on the backside of your receipt. If someone finds your baggage, they will be able to contact you. Your personal data will be stored encrypted. The finder will not be able to see your personal information.

How to prevent lost baggage

Make sure to remove all old bag tags from your baggage before you check in your suitcase or bag, so airport/airline staff will not mistake sending your baggage to the wrong flight. Take a picture of your baggage before you check it in, so you will be able to identify your baggage as being yours. It often occurs other passengers accidentally take your baggage because they have similar looking baggage. That is why we always advise you to mark your baggage so it stands out in the crowd. If you have a Seal & Trace sticker, use Seal & Trace to register your baggage online.

What to do if your baggage is damaged?

We advise you to immediately check for damage when you arrive at your destination. Do not leave the airport yet. If your baggage is damaged, please go to the Baggage Claim Office to state your baggage is damaged. Do not rip off your baggage tags. The airline needs them to report the damaged baggage.

Is sealing foil 100% recyclable?

Yes, our foil is 100% recyclable. Please throw away your used foil in a designated “plastic” waste bin.

Do you sell backpack covers?

Backpack covers

Seal & Go sells backpack covers to extra protect your backpack during your flight. There are lots of benefits to the Seal & Go backpack cover. That is why this product has been extremely popular with backpackers for quite some time now. But do not be afraid that it is not available, we always have enough in stock!

No loose parts

One of the big advantages of the Seal & Go backpack cover is the fact that there are no more parts dangling outside of the backpack, such as the hip belt or the compression straps. Those parts can get stuck between the luggage conveyor belt, causing the backpack to tear. In addition, the backpack is protected against moisture and dirt.


Another advantage is the fact that the cover can be closed using a loose lock. The Seal & Go backpack covers are equipped with an extra safety eyelet, so that the zipper will not be easy to break open. We therefore recommend that you always use this safety eyelet when attaching the lock. The backpack cover can also be used as a safe during your travel. If you do so, we recommend that you use a lock with a longer arch, so that you will be able to attach the cover to something (such as a padlock for a bicycle). This way, you can safely leave your backpack in your hotel room when you go out for a day trip.

Extra pair of shoes

In addition, there often is some space left in the backpack cover for some loose items. For example, you can take an extra pair of shoes that do not fit in the backpack itself.

Storage pouch

Our Seal & Go backpack covers are packed in a handy storage bag, making it easy to store the cover during your travel.

Seal & Go backpack covers are available in the colors orange, red, blue and black.

Size Backpack Cover: 85 x 40 x 24 cm | 81 litres

Do you sell child stroller travel covers?

Child stroller travel cover


Seal & Go sells special child stroller travel covers to protect your child stroller or baby car seat during your flight. Our stroller covers are very large, even a twin stroller will fit the cover!

Protected against damage

Many airlines allow you to take your child stroller to the gate. After arrival, most strollers will be placed loose on the conveyor belt together with all other odd-size baggage, which can damage the stroller. With our Seal & Go stroller travel cover your stroller will be protected against damage, moisture and dirt.

Taking extra baby stuff

Do you want to check in your stroller as checked baggage and do you have some kg left to check in? And do you have some space left in the stroller cover? You may be able to use the extra space for some loose items that no longer fit your suitcase.

Seal & Go stroller covers are lockable and therefore protected against theft and smuggling drugs. The cover is also provided with a handle and a storage pouch, making it easy to store during your travel.

Size child stroller covers: 100 x 60 x 40 cm | 240 litres

What is the sealing price?

Schiphol Airport: price starts at €15 per piece of baggage or €18 for a large suitcase/bag (single layer of foil).

What’s the size limit for sealing?

The machine is capable of sealing baggage up to a maximum of 100 cm (height) x 60 cm (width) or 100 cm (width) x 60 cm (height). There is no maximum length for baggage.
If your baggage is too big for the machine we can always manually cover your baggage with foil.

Where to find Seal & Go?

You can find us at several International Airports around the world. Check out our current locations.

Can the sealing machine damage my baggage?

No, it will not damage your baggage. The temperature of your baggage will only increase by half a degree Celsius.

Can I still easily recognize my sealed baggage?

The foil is transparent and very thin to make sure you can still recognize your own baggage. The handles and wheels will be omitted, so your baggage does not lose its functionality.

How long does it take to seal baggage?

Sealing of baggage takes less than one minute. No reservation is necessary.