Baggage Protection




Our innovative Seal & Go sealing technology is both
unique and world-leading. By adding just one layer
of very strong, transparent foil around your baggage,
‘shrink-sealing’ is a unique method.
The foil will be air-heated slightly so that it shrinks
tightly around your baggage.
Within just one minute your baggage will be sealed.
A sealing does not untangle, is easy removable and
your baggage remains recognizable.

At the Seal & Go desk you will be able to choose your
own level of protection. If you cannot decide which
level to choose, please ask our staff for advice.



At some airports we offer protection through
baggage wrapping. Your baggage will be wrapped
with ultimate care by our highly
experienced staff, using high quality stretch foil.

Every Seal & Go sealing or wrapping comes with
a Free Seal & Trace sticker.
With Seal & Trace you will be able to register your
baggage online and trace it in case it is lost.



All kinds of baggage items

Seal & Go can protect all kinds of baggage items:

  • Small and large suitcases
  • Golf bags
  • Backpacks
  • Boxes
  • All kinds of bags
  • Child strollers
  • Wheelchairs
  • And many more

The seal machinery is able to seal almost any kind of baggage to a maximum of:
2000 mm x 900 mm x 500 mm.

Free Baggage Weighing

Did you know that our baggage protection service comes with a free baggage weighing service? Our Seal & Go staff will weigh your baggage before sealing or wrapping. You are able to check the airline baggage requirements of your flight to make sure that your luggage weight does not exceed your airline’s weight limit. If your baggage does exceed the airline weight limit, you are able to repack your suitcase or bag before we protect it with foil. We also sell foldable duffel bags for your overweight baggage.