About us

Where it all started

Seal & Go BV was founded in 1999, when it started offering services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) in The Netherlands. It all began with two simple sealing machines located in the departure hall. In 2004 Mr. Rijkhoff (owner of Seal & Go since 2003) initiated the development of an entirely new and technically advanced sealing machine. Nowadays, the fastest Seal & Go machine is able to process up to 5 pieces of baggage a minute.

To add more value to the airport, Seal & Go introduced a comprehensive range of travel security and travel comfort products. Since 2007 Seal & Go has been a licensed partner of Travel Sentry®. In fact, Seal & Go is one of the few companies authorized to produce and sell Travel Sentry® Approved travel products.

Worldwide expansion

The AMS based service and experience enabled the company to grow and expand abroad. In 2007 Seal & Go started operations in Namibia, followed by airports in Surinam and Oman. In 2017 Seal & Go entered Asia by starting operations in Brunei and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Int. Airport and Langkawi Int. Airport). In 2018 Seal & Go opened its wrap location at Skopje Airport (North Macedonia) and in 2019 Seal & Go opened at Phnom Penh Int. Airport, Sihanouk Int. Airport and Siem Reap Int. Airport, Cambodia. All expansions are realized in cooperation with trusted local business partners.


Unfortunately, in 2020 the COVID-19 Pandemic caused a worldwide problem to all airports and their services and Seal & Go had to close down some of its locations. We are glad to say that most of those closures were only temporarily. After this worldwide disaster, we are now focusing on staying strong and keeping our current airport locations healthy.

Our vision for the future

Seal & Go has a long-term vision in securing new airport contracts by rational expansion offering high quality products and services and valuing loyalty, commitment, respect and reliability, taking into account that a greener world is the future and innovation and flexibility are key when it comes to being able to guarantee our future success and stable company growth.

In 2020, Seal & Go already drastically improved its environmental footprint by the introduction of bio-based foil. Seal & Go is planning to continue and expand this new focus in the future.


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