Look for the red diamond

Do you know the meaning of the red diamond on your suitcase lock? No? Well, it means your luggage is Travel Sentry® Approved (TSA).

Since 2007 Seal & Go has been licensed to produce and sell TSA-locks, luggage straps and suitcases. Using a TSA-lock allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities without causing damage.

TSA worldwide
At first TSA was only for traveling to, from and in, the USA. But at the moment about 15 countries worldwide work with TSA! And every year, more airports get equipped with the Travel Sentry® system for the benefit of passengers and security. Security officers can open and re-lock the luggage that uses TSA-locks when an inspection is required to clear checked baggage for safe transport. Others cannot open it, so the luggage stays secure. If your luggage has been equipped with a TSA-lock you won’t face the risk that your luggage gets damaged while it is broken up by security.

Find your one and only red diamond at the Seal & Go airport desk.

TSA Countries

Countries that work with the TSA system