Do you sell child stroller travel covers?

Child stroller travel cover


Seal & Go sells special child stroller travel covers to protect your child stroller or baby car seat during your flight. Our stroller covers are very large, even a twin stroller will fit the cover!

Protected against damage

Many airlines allow you to take your child stroller to the gate. After arrival, most strollers will be placed loose on the conveyor belt together with all other odd-size baggage, which can damage the stroller. With our Seal & Go stroller travel cover your stroller will be protected against damage, moisture and dirt.

Taking extra baby stuff

Do you want to check in your stroller as checked baggage and do you have some kg left to check in? And do you have some space left in the stroller cover? You may be able to use the extra space for some loose items that no longer fit your suitcase.

Seal & Go stroller covers are lockable and therefore protected against theft and smuggling drugs. The cover is also provided with a handle and a storage pouch, making it easy to store during your travel.

Size child stroller covers: 100 x 60 x 40 cm | 240 litres