General Terms and Conditions for Online Seal & Go Tickets

Please read these Online Seal & Go Tickets Terms and Conditions carefully, before ordering Online Seal & Go Tickets on the Seal & Go Website It sets out the conditions under which Seal & Go offers you its Services.

In order to order Online Seal & Go Tickets you must agree to these Terms and Conditions for Online Seal & Go Tickets. Seal & Go recommends you to print or download a copy of these Online Seal & Go Tickets Terms and Conditions for reference.

1 – Identity of the entrepreneur
Seal & Go
Luzernestraat 69
2153 GM New-Vennep
Telephone number: +31 252 629 323
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Email address:

2 – Applicability
2.1 These General Conditions for Online Seal & Go Tickets apply to all orders placed online through (“the Website”).

2.2 The offer on the Website will be carried out by one of our Seal & Go locations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (The Netherlands).

2.3 If you have any questions about your order or the Website, please contact the Seal & Go Customer Services Department; e-mail:

3 – Establishment of the Agreement
3.1 You are able to place an order on the Website. Such an order will constitute an offer from you to Seal & Go to purchase the services from Seal & Go. Seal & Go will confirm receipt of your order as soon as possible by sending you a confirmation e-mail.

3.2 There will be an Agreement for the provision of services after Seal & Go has accepted your order and confirmed this to you by e-mail. The acceptance of your order by Seal & Go is deemed to have been achieved when Seal & Go has confirmed to you by e-mail that the services will be provided. An Agreement is then concluded for the services, the delivery of which has been confirmed in the e-mail (“Agreement”). Seal & Go will notify you of this confirmation in the same email containing acknowledgment of receipt as provided in Article 3.1 above.

3.3 Seal & Go is allowed to refuse your order. In that case, no Agreement will be concluded. For example: Seal & Go may refuse your order if your payment details are incorrect or if Seal & Go has not been able to verify them.

3.4 During the processing of your order, you will be informed by e-mail if one of the services is not available or if there is a problem with your order or payment.

3.5 If the service (for whatever reason) is not available or cannot be provided, Seal & Go can offer you alternative services of comparable quality and price. If Seal & Go is not able to offer alternatives, or if you do not wish such alternatives, Seal & Go can (partially) cancel your order. Seal & Go will refund your payment within 10 days after the date Seal & Go received your order. Seal & Go will refund the amount via the same payment method you used when you paid for the order.

3.6 With the “My account” function you are able to check the status of current orders and place new orders via the Website without having to register your details again. You are responsible for the security and proper use of your password and must use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the password remains confidential.

4 – Prices & payment
4.1 All prices mentioned include VAT. The prices of our services are as indicated. Prices may change from time to time, but any changes will not affect orders for which Seal & Go has already sent you a confirmation of receipt as referred to in art. 3.1 above.

4.2 For the sake of completeness, Seal & Go reserves the ownership of all services provided and to be provided, until Seal & Go has received full payment for these services.

4.3 For online purchases, the promotions may differ from the promotions in the physical Seal & Go store.

4.4 The Website lists various payment methods with which you can pay for your orders.

5 – Delivery
5.1 Immediately after receiving the order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order. This e-mail confirmation is the “Online Sealing Ticket” and serves as proof of purchase and can be exchanged for the service (sealing your baggage). You must print this e-mail confirmation yourself and hand it in to Seal & Go.

5.2 Online Sealing Tickets lose their validity upon expiry of the validity date indicated thereon.

5.3 The Online Sealing Ticket is strictly personal and can only be redeemed by yourself. The Seal & Go employee has the right to request personal identification.

5.4 Each ticket has a unique code and can only be used once. Abuse will be reported.

6 – Right of Cancellation (“Right of Withdrawal”) and Return Policy
6.1 You can dissolve the Agreement without stating reasons until a period of fourteen (14) days has passed, after the day on which the Agreement is concluded. You exercise the aforementioned right of withdrawal by sending the completed model form for dissolution (see below) within the aforementioned period or by making another unambiguous statement to that effect to Seal & Go. It is only possible to terminate the agreement if the service has not yet been delivered.

6.2 Seal & Go will refund the relevant amount paid to you within 10 days after Seal & Go has received your notice of termination. Seal & Go will refund the amount via the same payment method you used when you placed the order.

7 – Complaints procedure
7.1 Complaints about the performance of the Agreement must be submitted fully and clearly described by email to Seal & Go via within 14 days of delivery, after the defects have been discovered. The Customer Services Department may request a photo to substantiate your complaint.

7.2 Complaints submitted to Seal & Go will be answered within 14 days from the date of receipt. If a complaint requires a foreseeable longer processing time, Seal & Go will reply within 14 days with a confirmation of receipt and an indication when the consumer may expect a more detailed answer.

7.3 The Seal & Go Customer Service Department makes every effort to handle your customer satisfactorily.

8 – Conformity
Seal & Go guarantees that the Services comply with the Agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and / or usability and the legal provisions and / or government regulations existing on the date of the conclusion of the Agreement.

9 – Force majeure
9.1 Without prejudice to its other rights, Seal & Go has the right, in the event of force majeure, to suspend the execution of your order, or to dissolve the Agreement without judicial intervention, by e -mail and this without Seal & Go being obliged to pay any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the given circumstances by standards of reasonableness and fairness.

9.2 Force majeure is understood to mean any shortcoming that cannot be attributed to Seal & Go, because it cannot be attributed to Seal & Go’s fault and cannot be accounted for by law, legal act or generally accepted beliefs.

10 – Privacy
Seal & Go processes your personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully so that you know how Seal & Go handles and uses your personal information. By placing an order, you have also consented to such processing and you confirm that any personal information you have provided is correct.

11 – Applicable law
These General Terms and Conditions for Online Seal & Go Tickets and all Agreements will be governed by Dutch law.

Model withdrawal form
(only complete and return this form if you wish to cancel the contract)

To Seal & Go B.V., Luzernestraat 69, 2153 GM Nieuw-Vennep:

I / We (*) hereby inform you that I / we (*) revoke our agreement regarding the sale of the sealing of my baggage with order number (*… *)

– Order placed on (*…*)
– Name / names of customer (*… *)
– Address of consumer (s) (*… *)
– Signature of consumer (s) (*… *)

– Date (*…)

(*) cross out what does not apply
(*…*) fill out data