Privium Plus sealing upgrade

With a Privium Plus membership, you can now benefit a free of charge sealing upgrade.


Privium Plus offers travelers a number of exclusive benefits at the airport, such as:

  • Fast security and border passage
  • Access to the Privium Lounges
  • Always park in front, and get access to, the Privium Excellence garage
  • Business class check-in

If you are a Privium Plus member, you will get an Ultimate level sealing for the price of a Basic level sealing by showing your membership card. Our airport team will add an extra layer of bubble wrap and your luggage will get the best protection against damage, theft, drug smuggling and bursting open. Of course, we will also add a Seal & Trace sticker, which makes it easier to find the luggage if the luggage gets lost.

Participating Seal & Go locations:

  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur (Terminal 1 – for international flights)
  • Malaysia: Langkawi
  • Cambodia: Phonm Penh
  • Cambodia: Siem Reap
  • Cambodia: Sihanoukville
  • Oman: Muscat
  • Oman: Salalah
  • Serbia: Belgrade


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