Why should I extra protect my baggage?

Just one thin layer of foil? That probably won’t offer much protection, does it? The opposite is true. There are several important reasons to let your baggage get sealed or wrapped.

Protection against bursting open

By applying a sealing, baggage without a lock (or baggage with a dysfunctional lock), will be hold together. Especially if you travel with a backpack, it is important to let the backpack get sealed to protect it against bursting open.

Protection from any virus

By sealing or wrapping your baggage, viruses do not stick directly on to your baggage and cracks and slits will be securely closed. Viruses and bacteria will not be able to enter your baggage. Read more about protection from bacteria and viruses.

The baggage will less likely get damaged

The transparent layer of foil will protect your baggage from scratches and dents, which may occur during traveling. It is also possible to get an extra layer of bubble foil underneath the shrink foil, so the suitcase or bag (or other piece of baggage) will be even better protected from damage. Loose parts, like belts or handles, can get stuck during transport. With a sealing, the baggage will become one piece without any loose ends.

Protection from smuggling drugs

Did you know a suitcase zipper is easy to open and close again? Simply by using a pen. Even if the suitcase is locked. There are many tricks for opening a locked suitcase. All tricks are easy to watch on youtube.com. Especially persons with bad intentions perfectly know how to open and close a suitcase without you noticing. With a sealing you will be better protected. When the sealing has been opened, this will be clearly visible. If the baggage was opened by customs, it will carry a special customs sticker. If not, go to customs to report someone messed with your baggage and you won’t be responsible for what one may find inside.

Less chance of theft

Like mentioned, there are many tricks for opening your baggage. But in a busy airport environment, a thief has to operate quickly. Baggage foreseen by a layer of foil is more difficult to open, other (easier to open) baggage will be a less complicated target. Of course, sealing baggage is no guarantee for preventing theft, but your baggage will be a less attractive target.

The baggage will be traceable

Every sealed piece of baggage comes with a free Seal & Trace sticker. With this sticker you will be able to register your baggage using an online portal. After registration, your baggage will be traceable. So, the thin layer of foil offers more protection than you think!

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