Increased number of mishandled baggage

According to the recently published annual Baggage IT Insights report by SITA, the number of mishandled baggage cases in 2022 nearly doubled compared to 2021. Mishandling refers to damage, theft, getting lost or delay.

lost luggage

In 2021, there were 4.35 mishandled baggage items per 1000 passengers. This number increased to 7.6 baggage items per 1000 passengers in 2022.

Busy travel periods

Mishandling often occurs during busy travel periods. Managing and ensuring smooth and proper handling of baggage pose a significant challenge for airports and airlines, largely due to staffing shortages.

Major issues with transfer baggage

Transfer baggage experienced the highest rate of mishandling. This can be attributed in large part to the resumption of international and long-haul flights in 2022 (after COVID-19), resulting in more transfers where bags are most susceptible to mishandling. Compared to short domestic flights, mishandling is eight times more likely on long-haul flights with transfers.


Source: SITA Baggage IT Insights 2023


Baggage sealing

By sealing your baggage, you ensure that it remains securely closed, reducing the chances of damage or theft. Additionally, each sealing gets a free Seal & Trace sticker, which facilitates easier retrieval of the baggage in case it gets lost, for example during a transfer.


How does baggage sealing work?

Where to find Seal & Go